Monday, April 19, 2010

Latest Experts123 Updates

As some of our Experts might have noticed, there is a new notifications section that allows us to send you quick updates on important changes or news via the Experts123 interface. Since you already receive enough emails from us about assignment updates and other information, we felt that a quick and easy notification system would be a great way to keep you informed, without overwhelming your inbox.

Writer Columns and Expertise

We have been thrilled with the level of expertise and research that many of our contributors have demonstrated these past few months. Both for the revenue share and work-for-hire assignments, we have seen some great demonstrations of quality writing from our new writers as well as our earliest members. With all of that talent for writing, we didn't want to limit you to just the titles and questions assigned from the Assignments Desk, so we wanted to offer you what many of you have been requesting: your own Experts123 column.

The new writer columns will allow you to specialize in a specific skillset of expertise. If you want to demonstrate your superior knowledge in real estate or share some of your amazing recipes, there will be plenty of opportunities in the upcoming writer columns for you to share your expertise, while promoting your related business or website offerings.

We have a lot more coming up soon, so stay tuned for further updates as we continue to grow like a wild fire at Experts123!