Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips to Keeping New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is a time for new beginnings, a time for you to make up where you lacked in the last few years. Ultimately, it is a time to hit the gym and work off the extra poundage that your waistline put on over the holidays.

It's important to stay strong and push through the year towards your weight-loss and fitness goals. Here are a few suggestions as how to start the year off in a way that will make keeping your new year's resolutions easier than going cold turkey.

Remember, the most important thing when you are making your diet and nutrition new year's resolutions is to stay realistic. Don't expect to lose 20 pounds in two days. You want to make sure that you are able to set goals that can be attainable and maintainable.

Cut out the Soda

Soda can be greatest enemy when it comes to getting in shape after the holidays. The   carbonation and sodium lead to bloating and have actually been proven to make you hungrier. Moreover, the empty calories can build up without you even noticing, and most sodas are pumped full of high fructose corn syrup. Switch to tea, or other low-calorie natural beverages. If you have the will power to cut out soda completely, your diet and weight loss resolutions will be easier to fulfill than you originally thought.

Put in the Hours at the Gym

It's amazing how we talk ourselves out of going to the gym. You really want to create a habit for yourself by forcing yourself to go to the gym for two weeks straight. Yes, every day for two weeks. It only takes two weeks to form the habit of going to the gym and once you meet this goal, your body will crave exercise. You can continue going everyday to get some cardio after a long day at work, or you can go a few times per week. If you start the good habit, you can kick the bad habit.

An Apple a Day...

Aside from apples increasing your dental health, try eating an apple a day to help with weight loss. Pectin, which is predominant in apples, actually absorbs fat and encourages water absorption. Less bloat and less fat means a skinnier you. Plus, apples have a moderate satiety - quenching both thirst and hunger at the same time.

Pump up the Vitamin C

Eating fruits high in vitamin C can do your health a favor in more ways than one. Vitamin C strengthens your immunity, fighting colds and viruses, making you healthy to go to the gym. Vitamin C also helps the body process fats faster and stimulates carnitine amino acids which speeds up your fat burning capacity.

Try a Full-Body Cleanse (not for the faint of heart...)

Fasting cleanses or juice cleanses can kick start your healthy new years resolutions by helping you flush out unwanted water weight and fat. There are a handful of juice cleanses, soup cleanses, or even the master cleanse where you fast for 10 days drinking nothing but a lemonade-maple syrup concoction. Regardless, if you can push through the first few days of a cleanse, the rest will be smooth sailing. Your colon will be healthy and you will now be able to predict when you are actually hungry as opposed to just when you want to eat.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Articles Celebrate Top 10 Products and Tips

In honor of the closing of 2010, Experts123 has uploaded many new revenue-share-assignments that highlight the top 10 products in various categories. From the top 10 video games, to the top 10 classic cars, at Experts123 we enjoy lists that shine a spotlight on products that should be recognized.

We have uploaded titles for your selection in beauty, technology, health, cars, and will upload increasingly more in topics like weddings, food, and general well-being as interest starts to develop.

Why are we interested in lists, you may ask?

A list of the top 10 products makes it easy for the user (like you) to compare and contrast products suggested by other experts. We will guarantee that these topics will be well researched and well written, as well as traffic generating.

If written well, these articles are sure to generate a ton of traffic because they will centralize a lot of information for the reader in one convenient location.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Most Creative and Viral Ad Campaigns of 2010

They're cheesy, sentimental and straight to the point. 2010 was the year of the YouTube ad campaign, and the digital media world saw a surge of clever internet campaigns. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny that they're unforgettable. Here are our three favorite viral ad campaigns of 2010.

Old Spice: "Smell Like a Man"

"Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me."
Cocky, conceited, hilarious - but genius. Old Spice hit the jackpot with Isaiah Mustafa. The Old Spice "Smell Like a Man" campaign went viral with over 25 million views. Mustafa is recognized as "the Old Spice guy" everywhere and believes it's because of how relatable the character is. This guy says what men are thinking and although he is full of it, he embodies the ideal man. Sales jumped 107% in the past year to prove it.

Google: "Parisian Love"

If this campaign doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, blame it on the black hole where your heart used to be. The Google campaign airing during the 2010 Superbowl in January shows a user looking up search items in the Google search engine. From start to finish: study abroad paris, cafes near the louve Louvre, translate tu es trรจs mignon, impress a french girl, chocolate shops in Paris, what are truffles, who is Truffaut, long distance relationship advice jobs in Paris, AA120 (checking a flight), churches in Paris, then finally how to assemble a crib. This campaign pulls on your heart strings in a memorable and clever manner insinuating that Google has changed this man's life, and it can change yours too by giving the information you need to fulfill your dreams. It's clever, it's sentimental, and it makes even the most hardened people feel something. Bravo, Google. Now pass me a box of tissues?

Nike: "Rise"

"Should I make you laugh? Should I read you a soulful poem? Shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, but still like air, I will rise. Should we just clear the decks and start over? What should I do? Should I be who you want me to be? Just do it."
"Rise," which could also be called the many talents of Lebron James, features the two-time NBA MVP assessing his choices (especially the controversial decision to join the Miami Heat) and the pressures he faces. James received criticism from not letting go of the Cleveland controversy soon enough, but this viral ad shows him in a different light. You see the actor, the comedian, the basketball player, and most importantly you see the man who is Lebron James. Nike reiterates it's "Just do it" catch phrase by telling people to be who they want to be aside what people tell you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Most Overused Job-Related Buzzwords on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has recently released a list of buzzwords that are overused on profile pages and job postings. Do you fall victim to the overused buzzwords that make potential employers cringe? According to LinkedIn, the 2011 Analytics Team surveyed the 85 million profiles in this network and have determined the most overused words across the board in the United States.
Courtesy of
ARTICLE: How to write a strong resume objective

You might think that you're giving yourself a leg up when adding these words to your profile, but you're doing yourself no favors. How many are included in your profile? Common words and phrases include:
  1. Extensive Experience
  2. Innovative
  3. Motivated
  4. Results-oriented
  5. Dynamic
  6. Proven Track Record
  7. Team Player
  8. Fast-Paced
  9. Problem Solver
  10. Entrepreneurial
Ironically enough, these words should be self-proving. If you have extensive experience and a proven track record, show it on your resume. If you are really a problem solver, give an example - don't just say you are. The most ironic of all of these words must be that "innovative" is the second most-used word on LinkedIn profiles. Are we not "innovative" enough to use a Thesaurus?

ARTICLE: Tacky Resume Tips

Looking on a global scale, the phrases "extensive experience," "innovative" and "dynamic" seem to top the charts in countries with a significant number of profiles on LinkedIn.
Courtesy of
Maybe you are looking at getting a job or changing jobs. It's time to take this opportunity to find an "innovative" way to restructure your profile to make you stand out from the pool of applicants. According to LinkedIn, "your profile is an extension of your brand." Take time to think about which words describe your unique experience and how you can lead to a business's continued success.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gadgets and Gizmos: Top Tech Christmas Presents 2010

The newest technology trends top everyone's Christmas wish list this year as the demand for tablets and smart phones rise. Here is a list of hot gadgets that are sure to wow that will fit into any budgets. From the expensive tablets and laptops to trendy speakers and memory cards, if you are buying presents for a tech enthusiast, you don't want to miss out.

The Apple iPad
Apple iPad ($499-$829)

Undoubtedly, the Apple iPad is at the top of everyone's list. From the sleek exterior to the intriguing display, there really isn't anything as popular or as functional on the market (for now, at least). The iPad is a rather pricey Christmas present, but really has the "wow" factor that people are looking to give this holiday season; it even tops the Christmas lists of children. Although there is the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet on the market, the iPad still surpasses it for this holiday season. Next year might be a different story.
Xbox 360 Kinect

XBox 360 Kinect ($120 +)

The Xbox 360 Kinect redefines what it means to have a "hands-free" video game. The Kinect operates with a motion sensing camera that allows you to interact with your video games. Kick a soccer ball, dance a long to a song, or run a marathon, Kinect allows you to do all of this without being tied to your video game console through a chord, or fearing throwing your cordless controller through your TV screen.

Canon Powershot SD 3500IS
Canon Powershot SD 3500IS ($229)

All of the photographic expertise of a Canon Digital Elph camera, but with a sleek body, cool color options, and an easy-to-use touch screen display. It has a portable 3.5 inch LCD screen, a 14.1 mega pixel resolution, 24 mm ultra wide-angle lens and 22 predefined settings. This compact digital camera is the most portable, the most attractive, and the most fun.

Tivo Slide
Tivo Slide ($64.99)

If you have Tivo, you must get your hands on the revolutionary new remote, the Tivo Slide. This remote combines a full keyboard with a compact remote using Bluetooth wireless getting rid of the annoying point-and-click feature of other remotes (also known as line-of-sight-infrared). It keeps its usual "peanut design" that is so custom Tivo, but with a fantastic twist, making TV watching easier and less frustrating. For Tivo owners, the Tivo Slide is a must have for your family room.

Google Nexus Gingerbread
Google Nexus Gingerbread ($529)

The Nexus Gingerbread is highly publicized and already topping the lists of Christmas consumers - and it hasn't even hit the market yet. On December 16th expect a frenzy for this new Android smartphone to hit the market and the hustle to grab one to ensue. The Google Nexus Gingerbread is much faster, has a much longer battery life and an updated color scheme. Not to mention the availability of apps is insane. From better file management, to a better selecting tool, to a higher quality camera, the delicious Gingerbread Android smartphone from Google is sure to satisfy your Christmas sweet tooth.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle ($129)

Why would you need a Kindle when you have an iPad? Easy: higher selection of books, better support, and you can read it outside. For the readers of the 21st century, the Kindle is fantastic because you can bring your books with you virtually anywhere. Plus the battery-life and simple display are much less eye-straining, and it costs fortunes less than the iPad. The Kindle is simple, and quite popular these days. It has 3G wireless and allows you to download books straight to your Kindle.

Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air (starting at $1300)

Lightweight, high resolution, small carbon footprint, long-lasting battery: these are the characteristics of the most recent MacBook Air that has hit the market in Fall 2010. If you are going to get a laptop, the MacBook Air is the way to go. Since it is so lightweight and sleek, it can be taken anywhere. Plus it has the signature Apple Trackpad, making doing your work easy and stylish at the same time. It is perfect for students looking to get an edge up on their studying, too.

Eye-Fi 8 GB Wireless Memory Card
Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card ($100 for 8G)

This isn't your everyday, normal memory card that you have to move from port to port. The Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card does all of the work for you. It has a built in WiFi that easily transfers your photos and videos directly to your computer from your digital camera or media device. All you have to do is set up where you want your files sent the first time, and then the Eye-Fi memory card will automatically do it each time you save to the memory card. You can add up to 32 networks to your wireless memory card - you can even automatically upload to your favorite social networking sites, like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Ergomotion Laser Mouse
Ergomotion Laser Mouse ($50)

Do your hands get sore sitting at your computer all day clicking your mouse and typing on your keyboard? The Ergomotion Laser Mouse is designed to make sitting at your computer more comfortable with it's simple tilt and click technology. No longer will you be sliding your mouse around your desk - be prepared to change the way you use your computer in a very ergonomically friendly way.

Crystal USB Desktop Speakers
Crystal USB Desktop Speakers ($39.99)

Stylish, small and clean, the Crystal USB Desktop speakers deliver 1 watt per channel taking power from your computer's USB port. These specially engineered crystal speakers are made to directly send sound waves towards an adjacent chamber. These speakers are packed with a punch, look good and save room on your desk. They are also a bargain Christmas present that is sure to please.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Android vs. iPhone - Which one is the best?

Within the last 10 years, the mobile phone industry has completely transformed with the introduction of the smart phone. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (the masterminds behind Apple products) started the scramble for the most high tech phone and created the iPhone - a touch screen phone with the Apple software and iPod + iTunes interface. Shortly thereafter, Google partnered with the mobile phone industry and created the Android mobile phone - a phone similar to the iPhone, but with increased usability.
With all of the high-tech phone options out there, it's hard to know which one is the hottest right now and which will have the best longevity. From deciding which phone to upgrade to, which smartphone to purchase next, or which phones are offered for your particular service provider, choosing a cell phone can be hard work if you're not completely informed.

Android Smart Phones

"Droid!" is the common tag line that most consumers associate with the Google Android line of phones that rival the Apple iPhones. But do they hold up? The Android platform is pushing to over 70,000 users, which still hasn't caught up to the iPhone users. Regardless, the Android is projected to overtake the iPhone because of it's fantastic multi-tasking features which heighten your mobile experience with social networking and music streaming.

Android Pros: The Android's multi-tasking feature has a desktop-style multitasking feature like on on a computer. While your apps do continue running, consuming memory, battery and CPU, the Android finds a way to manage the background apps. Undoubtedly the Android tops the iPhone when it comes to social networking and music streaming. With the upcoming Windows 7 Phone, the Android is built around social networking, syncing all of your social networking accounts with your phone's texts and emails. It makes life function much better and saves you time (which without question is the point of owning a smart phone).
Motorola Droid

In regards to music streaming, the Android offers widgets that are incompatible with the iPhone. The widgets make the apps that are available on iPhone even better on the Android. Plus, although there are less apps, they are of a higher quality and cost a lot less than the iPhone.

Other Android specs that should be noted are the integration of the Google products and the as-you-type completion suggestions on the keyboard. The iPhone is known for storing words that you consistently spell incorrectly with no way of removing them from the dictionary; Androids have an user-editable dictionary for your keyboard.

Most importantly, you are not limited to one carrier with the Android. The iPhone is limited to AT&T which arguably does not have the best service worldwide. With this freedom comes more apps and a full refund of the app purchase within 24 hours. Moreover, the syncing of your calendar and email to the GMail accounts are free whereas on iPhone you have to pay $99/mo for each.

Android Cons: It is hard to draw a line and find negative aspects of the Android. To start, it does not look as cool as the iPhone. Undoubtedly the design of the iPhone is much more aesthetically appealing. Plus on Android, non-Google software is limited and usually of a lower quality. There has been speculation that the phone is too dependent on your Google account. But let's be honest, even if you don't use a Google account as your primary account, it is still useful (and almost everyone has one regardless).

The Apple iPhone

The iPhone is very popular with over 230,000 users almost dependent on the platform. But is the iPhone worth switching your service provider to AT&T with the seemingly fantastic alternative of the Android? Loyal Apple users definitely would have a hard time making the switch because the interfaces are entirely different. Nonetheless, what about the non-Apple users? Is it still worth it to get the iPhone even if you're more accustomed to the Google/Windows software?
iPhone 4

iPhone Pros: In this competition, the iPhone without question takes the cake in gaming, easy use (for example by a child) and for streaming pictures and video. The iTunes store is easily accessible on the iPhone with an app already downloaded and easy to use.

Moreover, the iPhone has infinitely more games that are easy to use and much better. Game developers can know that the iPhone will release a new OS every year or so, remain consistent, and set the bar for other operating systems (at least for the time being). The fact that the Android phone is so versatile actually hurts it in the gaming app industry. The iPhone is known for fun games at reasonable prices (like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.).

Apps like YouTube and other video and photo streaming apps are unquestionably better on the iPhone. The iPhone has better clarity and much better resolution. Plus it's so easy a child can use it. Parents increasingly find that the iPhone is a great pacifier for their young children. This usability factor makes it easy for someone to pick up an iPhone and use it.

iPhone Cons: The iPhone really gets a lot of criticism for the lack of a good multi-tasking interface. The iPhone only really offers multi-tasking for Apple-authorized apps, whereas third-party apps do not hold up as well. Apple says that they do this because they are concerned that users do not understand the use of battery life from background applications and don't know how to manage them (which is probably the case with most iPhone users).

The Conclusion

In a similar way that the Mac will never beat out the PC in functionality and popularity, the iPhone will eventually be beat by the Android.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Toys for Christmas

A common scene throughout the months leading up to the holiday season is a group of moms desperately waiting outside of a Wal-mart or Toys R Us before store operating hours to get the best Christmas toy this year for their precious children. Even with the economic struggles this past year, experts suggest that this year will be no different. According to the LA Times, due to a "social currency" outweighs any monetary constraint, the desire to be the parent who can give the best and most desirable presents makes parents go to great extents to get their hands on the perfect toys.

Last year a robotic hamster stole the show - creating a feeding frenzy of parents trying to make their child the happiest on Christmas morning. Many parents will scrimp and save to make sure that they can afford Christmas presents for their children. In order to fit these budget constraints, toy makers value these toys around a reasonable price of $30.

Find the Best Sales

Many stores that sell toys at large quantities attempt to lure potential customers with intriguing deals and extended hours. Convenience is key - stores that open before others and that are closer to more houses will have the advantage. Parents are busy enough and wallets are tight during the holiday season. Stores are looking to find the competitive edge over one another, leaving you, the consumer, to benefit from it.

Wal-mart has added additional discounts called "Rollback Alley" that focuses on deals on toys. Toys R Us will increase their store count to over 600 temporary holiday stores and expand to 10 FAO Schwarz pop-up stores. Target is increasing their discounts by 10% and Sears is planning on opening 99 in-store toy sections.

Top Toys of the 2010 Christmas Season

"Santa" is blind to the economic recession that America is facing right now - and children still expect the best presents under the tree Christmas morning. What will your kid be hoping that Santa will bring them?

Sing-a-ma-jigs are predicted to be some
of the hottest Christmas gifts this season.
Miniature toys make a comeback

When in doubt, go mini. This year, because of mini-budgets, mini toys will be extremely popular. This category includes little toys that are classified as "collectibles." They are tiny and inexpensive, but also offer different scenes, different looks, and different characters.

Squinkies, Zoobles, and Sing-a-ma-jigs (oh my!) lead the pack this year with unique characters and unique personalities. These are great because when the kids lose the toys, it is inexpensive to replace them.

Bringing Technology Home

This year, toy manufacturers have created extremely high tech toys for kids in the realms of learning and playing. These toys are affordable (roughly $50) and help children get familiar with the age of technology.

The Dance Star Mickey and Barbie Video Girl doll appeal to girls and young children. For boys, the Paper Jamz guitars, the Air Hogs Hawk Eye, and the Cuponk will keep their attention for awhile.

Young children will enjoy the Leapster Explorer Learning Experience because it turns learning into a game - the kids won't know that they're actually learning.

Disney Princess & Me
Famous Familiar Faces

Disney and Pixar have released countless iconic films over the years that make the kids want to be a part of the magic. A lot of action films were also released over the past year prompting a huge toy market in that area as well.

Toy Story 3 figures allow you to play with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, while Ironman 2 figurines allow you to be a part of the superhero saga. For girls, the plush Disney Princess & Me toy will be in demand, as will be the ever popular Bratz dolls.

There's a Catch...

Stores like Wal-mart and Target are looking to lure you in with these low priced toys in hopes that you'll buy other items at their store for exponentially higher prices that usual. When you are looking to buy Christmas gifts this season, make sure to do your research. Don't overpay for other items just because you got a smoking deal on a toy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shop 'til You Drop on Experts123

Introducing the Experts123 Shopping Guide!

We are thrilled to offer a great resource to all of your holiday shopping needs. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, the Experts123 Shopping Guide has all of the questions and answers to your shopping questions.

Imagine living in a world where you had the answers to your questions before you bought that uncomfortable pair of boots or that unflattering horizontally-striped pair of pants. Experts123 aims to centralize all of the questions and answers pertaining to all of your shopping needs. We cover content about fashion, beauty, electronics, automobile, home and food products. The shopping guide allows you to access questions, answers, and articles about your favorite brands just in time for the holiday shopping season!

Are you an expert about shopping? We have some articles that we are looking to get written asap in time for the holidays! Log in and search for these titles now!
  • Black Friday Sales
  • After Christmas Sales
  • Christmas Sales
  • Boxing Day Sales
  • Winter Sales

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Embrace Your Inner Chef with Experts123

With the holiday season around the corner, Experts123 has created many revenue-share assignments that allow you to express your inner Martha Steward, Emeril Lagasse, Ina Garten or Julia Child!

There are many brand new revenue share assignments that ask you to share your favorite traditional and unique holiday recipes! We ask our writers to share traditional recipes as well as recipes that they have tried and loved. It is a great way to get ideas for your next holiday party, no matter what winter holiday you celebrate. From cooking whole turkey and chicken, to making a vegetarian Thanksgiving, share your knowledge and your recipes!

You don't have to be a master chef - everyone has their favorite family traditions worth sharing that are sometimes better than a restaurant recipe. That being said, we expect that these articles will get a lot of traffic as people are looking for simple and easy recipes to plan their holiday festivities. Here is a list of our brand new RSAs at your fingertips! (Hurry and share your recipes quickly or else these topics might be taken!)
  • Beef Brisket Recipes
  • Beef Wellington Recipe
  • Best Cookie Recipe
  • Best Dessert Recipes
  • Blueberry Muffin Recipe
  • Cheesecake Recipe
  • Chicken Breast Recipes
  • Chocolate Dessert Recipes
  • Christmas Candy Recipes
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Cookie Dough Recipe
  • Cornbread Recipe
  • Cream of Chicken Soup Recipe
  • Curry Recipes
  • Eggplant Parmesan Recipe
  • Fondue Recipes
  • Gingerbread Cookies
  • Healthy Side Dishes
  • Homemade Sugar Cookies
  • How to Cook Turkey
  • Lamb Chop Recipes
  • Pork Chop Recipes
  • Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
  • Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies
  • Squash Recipes
  • Stove Top Stuffing
  • Strawberry Dessert Recipes
  • Stuffed Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Appetizers
  • Thanksgiving Crafts
  • Turkey Brine
  • Vegetable Side Dishes
  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving
  • Whole Chicken Recipes
All of these assignments are easily accessible from the assignments tab in your profile.

Not signed up as an expert contributor? Apply now at

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Top 10 Food Trucks You Can't Afford to Miss

Food trucks have taken Los Angeles cuisine by storm while redefining what fast food really means. These trucks offer gourmet options on a fast food budget and deliver creative and unique, yet satisfying, meals. The haute cuisine of Los Angeles has always had a unique flair to it, but now food trucks have made these delicious experimentations appeal to the masses.

How to Find Food Trucks in Los Angeles

You don't have to go on a wild goose hunt, hoping that you find a food truck in Los Angeles. Not only do each food truck have a Twitter page and a website, but also there are comprehensive websites and Twitter accounts that make it easy to know where a food truck will be before it arrives.

@FoodTruckLA is a centralized Twitter page with up to the minute alerts of the current and future locations of the trucks. Their system is to re-tweet any tweets regarding food truck locations in Los Angeles.  Similar websites include Roaming Hunger and Find LA Food Trucks. There is also an iPhone app which is called Road Stoves GPS, a GPS-enabled food truck finder.

When in doubt, just visit the most popular destinations of the LA food trucks.
  1. College campuses: UCLA and USC host a lot of food trucks. Why not? College students love cheap, filling, satisfying eats. Don't be afraid to search on campus. At UCLA, food trucks are known to go in the quad on south campus.
  2. Miracle Mile (Wilshire): A hot spot for people who work over there, this location is where trucks are known to line up and serve the suit-and-tie masses.
  3. West LA: Try along the intersection of Tennessee and Butler. Again, is a lot of activity over there - perfect for a food truck.
  4. Santa Monica: Anywhere east of 26th street is known to have a lot of food trucks. There is less competition over here and more of their target audiences.
The Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Desert Melt - Grilled Cheese Truck
The Grilled Cheese Truck: If you are a grilled cheese fanatic, like everybody else, you will enjoy the Grilled Cheese Truck. From the classic American cheese on French bread slathered with butter, to the seemingly insane Cheesey Mac and Rib (mac and cheese with barbecue pork and grilled onions inside a grilled cheese sandwich), to the delicious Desert Melt (pureed bananas with marshmallows and nutella), the Grilled Cheese Truck takes grilled cheese for an unusual, yet delicious spin.

The Green Truck: Not all to-go truck food has to be bad for your health. The Green Truck specializes in healthy, fresh gourmet food while taking care of the environment at the same time. They use "only certified, organic ingredients" and "buy local products whenever possible." Try the lettuce chicken wraps or the banana pancakes for a healthy and satisfying meal.

India Jones Chow Truck: Sumant Pardal was turned on to food trucks when trying the Kogi BBQ truck. He says that "within 10 days, I was on the road with my truck." He serves mostly North Indian regional food with different curries and Mumbai street foods. He specializes in frankies which is served with cilantro, tamarind, chutney, chopped onion, egg, and lamb or chicken wrapped in a flat bread. Try the butter chicken curry or the lamb frankie.

Sliders - Kogi BBQ
Kogi BBQ: You can smell the scent of delicious meat from miles around when the Kogi BBQ truck is in town. Delicious meats mixed with the chef's specials make Kogi BBQ one of the most successful and popular food trucks in Los Angeles. Try the spicy pork tacos, kimchi quesadillas, or short rib sliders. Kogi BBQ mixes the delight of Korean BBQ cuisine with half the cost and half the work.

Nom Nom Truck: A female-ran truck which specializes in Vietnames "Bahn Mi" sandwiches, the Nom Nom Truck. They serve tasty and affordable sandwiches with savory hot meats and cold crisp vegetables. Misa and Jen (owners) say that "nom nom" (which means "oh so tasty" according to Urban Dictionary) perfectly describes their food. Try the grilled pork Bahn Mi or the lemongrass chicken tacos. The sandwiches are 12 inches and only cost $5.

Phamish: Another truck specializing Vietnamese cuisine, Phamish is known for the rare steak pho and the delicious fresh mint soda. All of the recipes are Lisa Le's personal recipes. She uses fresh produce and freshly baked baquettes and spends 4-6 hours cooking her signature pho.

Chili Cheese Fries - Frysmith
Frysmith: Who doesn't like French fries? Frysmith makes it apparent that a menu based solely on French fries is quite a crowd-pleaser. You would think that putting a ton of toppings on French fries and calling it a meal would not be a revolutionary idea, but Erik Cho makes French fries a gourmet art form. The chili cheese fries are perfectly balanced and dishes like the Rajas Fries (complete with steak and jack cheese) or the Poutine (fries drowned in brown gravy and cheese curds) are unique and give a stick-to-your-ribs satisfying feeling.

Border Grill Truck: Southern California loves Mexican food, especially Mexican food on the go. The Border Grill Truck makes simple Mexican dishes and turns them into gourmet, yet still quick, lunch options. The churro tots are their signature dishes with covered in cinnamon-sugar and whipped cream. Also try their green corn tamal in a paper cone.

Louks Greek Gourmet To Go: Classic Greek to go. Louks Greek Gourmet To Go makes delightful classic Greek dishes as well as unique fusion food appeal to the masses. Try the honey feta fries for a sweet, tangy treat, or the classic beef gyro. For a more familiar food form, try the burrito gyro - one of Louk's favorites, himself.

Hawaiian Bread French Toast Sticks -
The Buttermilk Truck
The Buttermilk Truck: Breakfast is good at any time of the day, or night, around the clock, in any setting. The Buttermilk Truck specializes in breakfast classics and invents new sweet and savory creations. Their special ingredient (buttermilk) is in almost all of their menu items and their goal is to provide breakfast to people who cannot make it themselves, or people who are just craving breakfast after a long night. Try their Hawaiian bread French toast sticks or their special red velvet pancakes which have celebrated a year being served to the masses. Everything they have is made from scratch and gives a homestyle flair to unique and modern breakfast treats.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Eat a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

The calories you consume in Thanksgiving dinner alone are more that you probably eat in 1-2 days.

In today's health-conscious society, the desire to eat healthily and be thin conflicts with this tradition of gorging yourself on delicious foods once a year. But you can have your cake (or pie rather) and eat it too! There are a few steps where you can cut corners and calories while still enjoying Thanksgiving.

Read the Experts123 Thanksgiving Guide

Portion Control

A great first step to not over-eating on Thanksgiving is to control your portions. None of the portions on your plate should be more than the size of your fist. Even if you are eating a low calorie Thanksgiving dinner but are not controlling your portions, you are most likely still overeating.

Try taking smaller bits of food on your plate. You are less inclined to eat quickly without realizing that you are full. In between courses, take a deep breath, stand up, walk around, and then sit back down. This will make you realize if you are getting full and will slow down the intake of food at the dinner table, thus controlling your portions.

Stop and Chew your Food

The point of Thanksgiving is to taste the wonderful feast in front of you and be thankful for how lucky you are that you can partake in such a festivity. A lot of the time, people forget to chew their food because either there is so much on the table or it just tastes so good.

Chewing your food thoroughly will help prevent you from eating too much before realizing how overly full you are. Try setting down your fork and knife, chewing at least 20 times per mouthful and taking a sip of water after each bite. You will eat more slowly which will help make you realize it when you are getting full more accurately. Remember, Thanksgiving dinner is not a race.

Substitute Low-Calorie Where You Can

A lot of Thanksgiving recipes call for heavy creams, high fructose corn syrups, shortenings, butter, sugar and any other kind of food that a health-conscious person avoids generally on a regular day to day basis. You might be eating twice as many calories per bite and not even know it.

If you are in charge of the cooking, try to replace heavy creams with 2% milk (skim milk might change the flavoring). Try substituting high fructose corn syrup and sugars with honey or no-calorie sugar substitutes. You can also switch out butter and oils for margarine. Sometimes margarine might change the composition of the food, so be careful when using it. It can also change the flavor of the food. Go for butter-flavored margarine like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter..." or "Parkay."

Go Low Sodium

Thanksgiving foods are known to be salty, savory and delicious. But all of that salt can give an after dinner bloat that is not flattering on the waistline. Plus eating too much salt on a regular basis can have negative effects on your health.

Try substituting low sodium foods where you can. For example, if using chicken broth or canned mushroom soup for your green bean casserole, try getting the low sodium versions. You probably won't even notice that the sodium is missing, and you can control the sodium levels yourself. Another great option is buying unsalted butter. You can add as little salt as you want to flavor it the way you want without the hidden sodium in salted butter.

Take a Walk

After you eat that delicious Thanksgiving meal, all you want to do is take a nap because of all of the tryptophan in Turkey. It is hard to resist the couch after dishes are done, but stop yourself and take a walk instead.

If you take even as little as a 20 minute walk after eating that big Thanksgiving dinner, there is less of a chance that the food will stick to your arteries (and to your waistline). Also, getting up and moving around will give you more energy to participate in activities instead of laying on the couch from the end of dinner until bed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's a Jersey Shore Halloween (and MTV is cashing in)

Let's face it - Jersey Shore is not only the most popular Halloween costume of 2010, but also the best thing that could have ever happened to MTV. Undoubtedly, the cast from Jersey Shore has created a social phenomenon that has made everyone wish that they looked and acted like they were from New Jersey. Maybe it's the slick black hair, the fake orange tan, or the excuse to act without thinking. Whatever it is, Jersey Shore has brought MTV the fortune they have been looking for.

The Jersey Shore Lap of Luxury

The cast members from Jersey Shore (including Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, and Vinny Guadagnino) have boosted their personal earnings significantly throughout the seasons. From $5,000 per episode in season 1, to $10,000 per episode in season 2, to a reported $30,000 per episode for the upcoming season 3, these Jersey kids are making more than enough money to maintain their tanning and hair gel budgets.

GTL iTunes App
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino set the tone for the negotiations on behalf of all of the cast mates in July of 2010 demanding from $24,000 to $47,000 per episode per cast mate. On top of the earnings they get from the show, the cast gets personal appearance payments for up to a reported $100,000 per appearance individually and they also get endorsements. The Situation's GTL iPod App is one of the top selling apps on iTunes. For a $5 one time fee, the GTL (Gym-Tan-Laundry) App will tell you the nearest gym, tanning salon, or dry cleaning store. You can then call the location or get directions with this app. The perks from simply being on the show seem to be paying for themselves.

MTV's Cash Cow

Although the costs of keeping the Jersey Shore cast mates rise each year, so do MTV's profits. The ratings for Jersey Shore are 5.1 for 12 to 34 year olds which is a 292 percent increase since its season 1 debut. Jersey Shore is also getting the best ratings MTV has seen in 8 years. In essence, MTV is actually underpaying the cast.

6.4 million viewers tuned in to watch JWoww take on Sammi in their highly promoted fight. These numbers were achieved even on top of Sunday night football which ultimately makes one think that Jersey Shore is unstoppable.

Viacom, who owns TV stations like MTV and Nickelodeon, has seen their stock rise 52 percent in the last year. Not only will they pay a dividend for the first time ever, but also there will be a $4 billion buy back. Viacom has not seen these numbers ever and can give thanks to Jersey Shore for making the high-end profits that they are experiencing.

The Jersey "Brand" Takes on Halloween

With the success of the Jersey Shore reality TV show, making a Halloween costume that corresponds with the most popular cast mates would only make sense. MTV has reportedly paired up with Rubie's costumes to make Snookie, The Situation, and Pauly D Halloween costumes.

Snooki's Signature Bump
Pauly D's Hair Do
You can buy Snooki's signature hair bump or Pauly D's spiked blow out hairstyle in wig form now, making your Halloween costumes easy and recognizable. Halloween stores are even known to "throw together" bags of Halloween costumes that represent Snooki's style.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Halloween stores that have sold out of the original Jersey Shore costumes will throw a pair of fluffy slippers, self tanner and an old  Amy Winehouse wig into a bag and call it a Snooki kit.

You can also buy a body suit of The Situation's abs, just like you can buy Batman or Superman's abs. MTV and Rubie's Costumes have the only patent on the textured abs costumes which gives them a leg up over the competition. Other competitors who are attempting to make The Situation Halloween costumes are forced to create costumes that have the signature 6-pack drawn on as opposed to beveled.

It is almost unbelievable how fast these Halloween costumes are selling out. Most stores no longer have any of the Jersey Shore costumes left and are scrambling to get their hands on more. In this year alone, the usual $600 million Halloween market is expected to increase to $1 billion this season.

Lady Gaga was reported to have been the number 1 costume of this Halloween season, but all three of the Jersey Shore costumes have already outsold the variations of Lady Gaga costumes. It looks as though every town will look like something straight out of Jersey Shore this Halloween.

When asked about the differing attitudes towards the Jersey Shore characters being the most popular Halloween costumes of 2010, Pauly D responded that it is "free publicity." In regards to people dressing up as him as a parody, he says that regardless of whether or not they are saying good things or bad, they are still talking about him and takes the Halloween costumes as a compliment, as he should.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treaters across America look forward to Halloween as a time to accumulate as much candy as possible. Aside from luring your trick-or-treaters with scary Halloween candy bowls, the candy is what either attracts people to or repels people from your house. So what are the best and worst treats? Here's how to make your house the most popular on the block with the best candy and how to avoid getting your house egged for passing out the worst candy.

The Best Halloween Candy

The best Halloween candies all have one thing in common: an interesting texture. Whether your Halloween candy is gooey, crunchy, or smooth, give your trick-or-treaters something that they can drool over. Trick-or-treaters generally like chocolate candies or sweet, fruity alternatives. If you want to be a popular Halloween hot-spot, it might be worth investing a few more dollars in the candy department.

Snickers - Whether you are passing out whole candy bars or just the Snickers minis, something about the caramel, peanuts, chocolate and nougats make Snickers the most popular Halloween candy. Studies say that gooey candies are most appealing to trick-or-treaters and Snickers only backs this theory up. Trick-or-treaters go out of their way to visit houses that pass out whole Snickers candy bars more than any other type of candy bar.
    Nerds - Something about the sweet and tart mix of Nerds candies makes the masses of children go crazy, but that's what you would expect from Willy Wonka and Nestle. If you really want your house to be popular, go for the Nerds Ropes. These tangy, fruity, taffy-like strings have nerds stuck to the outside of them making for the perfect texture and one of the most coveted Halloween candies.

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Chocolate mixed with peanut butter creates bliss, and that is exactly what Reese's Peanut Butter Cups achieve. Pass out the minis or be really popular with the whole two-cup package. Either way, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will be a very hot commodity in the Halloween candy trade. Like their coy marketing campaign states, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are "perfection."

    Lollipops - From Tootsie Pops to Blow Pops to the rare and delicious Caramel Apple Pops, Lollipops are some of the most popular Halloween candies because they last a long time, and there is always a special surprise at the middle. Studies suggest that people enjoy Tootsie Pops because it is a more exciting alternative to the boring Tootsie Roll, as is the Blow Pop to the regular chewing gum. Regardless of the reason, lollipops are exciting, crunchy, chewy, and delicious all at the same time.

    Hershey's Chocolate Bars - The most traditional can sometimes be synonymous with the best. It's a fact that kids and adults alike love chocolate, and Hershey's has mastered the art of chocolate. To be a very popular house, pass out whole chocolate bars. You can buy them early on sale at the supermarket for about $0.50 per bar. Too expensive for your Halloween budget? But the Hershey's mini packs complete with Mr. Goodbars and Krackle Bars. Those will also be a hit among your trick-or-treaters.

    The Worst Halloween Candy

    Are you paranoid of passing out the wrong type of candy to your neighborhood? Some simple tips would be to pass out actual candy as opposed to other imposters that call themselves candy. Stick to the basic candy staples and avoid the unpopular "gifts" some people pass out on Halloween.

    Wax Candy - Those wax lips may be fun to play with, but when it comes down to the candy consumption, those are the first things to get thrown away. Wax is not candy, and ultimately it's not worth the money if it's just going to disappoint your trick-or-treaters. Plus, they don't taste very good. After wearing the lips around for a few hours and having your whole lower face turn red from the coloring, it is time to discard this "candy" and move on to the next house. Unless you want your trick or treaters looking like they all left your house with collagen implants, steer clear of the Wack-o-Wax Lips.

    Licorice - This should be a no-brainer, but still some houses like to pass out black licorice. Halloween candy should not have to be an acquired taste, and the anise flavoring of black licorice is an extremely acquired taste, not to mention one that does not bode well with children. Unless your trick or treaters are 80 years old or the small percentage of the population who likes black licorice, do not pass it out on Halloween.

    Healthy Alternatives - Trick-or-treaters will beg you to not pass out toothbrushes or any other healthy, non-candy alternative on Halloween. Passing out real candy is one of those Halloween traditions that should not be tampered with. If you are a dentist or a health-nut, resist the urge to pass out toothbrushes and apples. Kids go trick-or-treating to get candy and have a good time, not to be taught a lesson. However, it is acceptable to pass out toothbrushes along with candy.

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      Wednesday, October 20, 2010

      The Best Halloween Costume Ideas of 2010

      2010 has been a year where pop culture has exploded and encompassed the masses. From music to films to reality television, popular culture has provided a smorgasbord of inspiration for Halloween costumes. Not only are we going to predict the top Halloween costumes of 2010, but we are going to tell you how to make these costumes yourself.

      Pauly D is one of the most
      popular costumes this year.
      Jersey Shore

      It's hard to believe it, but dressing like someone from the cast of MTV's hit reality show Jersey Shore might just be the hottest Halloween costume of 2010. The most popular costumes from the cast would be Pauly D, Mike "The Situation," and Snooki, but dressing as any type of "Guido" would suffice for a Jersey Shore Halloween costume.

      There are 3 main ingredients to a Jersey Shore Halloween costume: orange tan, dark black hair, and designer clothes. Bring on the bling. You want to drench yourself in gold. At many Halloween stores, you can buy a Snooki or a Pauly D wig or The Situation's abs.If you want to make your costume hilarious, consider buying orange paint or dark foundation to really make it look like you fake baked at a tanning salon.

      Go Gaga for Halloween
      Lady Gaga

      Every day is Halloween for music sensation Lady Gaga.The queen of pop is all about reinventing herself and makes for a great Halloween costume inspiration. In order to dress like Lady Gaga at home, watch a music video or performance to get some inspiration and try to mimic one of her ensembles.

      To make a Lady Gaga costume, you will definitely need these three things: sequins, sunglasses, and cigarettes. You can even combine all of these. Lady Gaga enjoys painting her face in interesting ways, sometimes creating a mask-like illusion. If you are going to go Gaga, do it big. Never hold back.

      (If you really are feeling avant garde, you can try recreating Lady Gaga's meat dress for Halloween.)

      LOST - The Dharma Initiative

      Dharma Initiative jumpsuits
      make a very clever and unique
      Halloween costume.
      LOST might have wrapped up its final season earlier this year, and we might have not completely understood what exactly happened, but we do know that dressing up as someone from the Dharma Initiative is one of the coolest Halloween costumes of 2010. Dressing as a Dharma employee might be one of the most relevant costumes of the year simply because LOST was such a phenomenon.

      To dress like a Dharma employee, you could buy the jumpsuit online. But if you are looking to do it yourself, you can always buy a jumpsuit at a thrift store. Your jumpsuit can be tan or navy blue if you want it to look authentically Dharma. As for the logo, you can always paint it on, buy a Dharma sticker, or buy some iron-on papers and print out the logo to iron it on your jumpsuit. Make sure to look relatively disheveled because the Dharma employees hardly looked like they had showered within the last week. Match your jumpsuit with a pair of hiking boots.

      Vampires are making a come
      back in pop culture and
      Halloween costumes.


      With the obsession with True Blood and Twilight this year, it is expected that the surge in vampire costumes would happen. No longer will vampire costumes be an older man who fears garlic. Vampires have had a Hollywood make-over, and so have the vampire Halloween costumes.

      If you are looking to dress up like one of the Cullens for Halloween this year, it might be one of the easiest and most recognizable Halloween costumes. Vampires now appear to be regular people, only a little bit more pale with vampire teeth. Buy some translucent powder and a set of vampire teeth from your local Halloween store to complete the look and use some red food coloring to drip some blood off the side of your mouth to make sure people know you're a vampire (if they hadn't guessed it already). Make sure to wear darker colors from your wardrobe.

      Harry Potter

      Voldemort will undoubtedly
      be a popular 2010 costume
      with all of the Harry Potter hype.
      Harry Potter is soon releasing the final two movies to end the Harry Potter saga, which means that Harry Potter costumes will be all the rage this year. You can dress like Harry, Hermione, or any one of the other Hogwarts gang, or you can dress like quite possibly one of the most popular Halloween costumes of the year, he-who-shall-not-be-named, Voldemort.

      In order to dress like Voldemort for Halloween, you will need to start with a long black robe. Some good ideas for this robe would be an old graduation robe that you have laying around (or that your parents have laying around). You can also get the bald look by buying a bald cap at a Halloween store. While you're there you can look for a wand, or just whittle a stick from your back yard into a believable wand. Make sure to use some dark make up to make your eyes look shadowed and sunken in, like Voldemort's.


      This year, Halloween costumes are all about pop culture references. You can either buy expensive costumes at a Halloween store, or make your own for more effort but less money.

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