Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!  We are really looking forward to 2014 and some of the new features and programs we are planning to introduce to help you seek expertise and knowledge better.

It was a great year and we made some key improvements to the core platform over 2013 including:
-Removing SPAM
-Enhanced Nominations
-More robust Topics
-Expertise Points (more enhancements coming soon!) - Now you can contribute and demonstrate your expertise in specific topics.

In 2014 we plan to change the contributor program to make it better for all the wonderful contributors making a difference everyday.  Contributors at certain levels will also be able to offer additional services.  Initially the Writers Desk and Article creation will become much more simple in January as we improve those programs and features.

We look forward to your suggestions so keep sending them in so we can make a better community for everyone.