Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Toys for Christmas

A common scene throughout the months leading up to the holiday season is a group of moms desperately waiting outside of a Wal-mart or Toys R Us before store operating hours to get the best Christmas toy this year for their precious children. Even with the economic struggles this past year, experts suggest that this year will be no different. According to the LA Times, due to a "social currency" outweighs any monetary constraint, the desire to be the parent who can give the best and most desirable presents makes parents go to great extents to get their hands on the perfect toys.

Last year a robotic hamster stole the show - creating a feeding frenzy of parents trying to make their child the happiest on Christmas morning. Many parents will scrimp and save to make sure that they can afford Christmas presents for their children. In order to fit these budget constraints, toy makers value these toys around a reasonable price of $30.

Find the Best Sales

Many stores that sell toys at large quantities attempt to lure potential customers with intriguing deals and extended hours. Convenience is key - stores that open before others and that are closer to more houses will have the advantage. Parents are busy enough and wallets are tight during the holiday season. Stores are looking to find the competitive edge over one another, leaving you, the consumer, to benefit from it.

Wal-mart has added additional discounts called "Rollback Alley" that focuses on deals on toys. Toys R Us will increase their store count to over 600 temporary holiday stores and expand to 10 FAO Schwarz pop-up stores. Target is increasing their discounts by 10% and Sears is planning on opening 99 in-store toy sections.

Top Toys of the 2010 Christmas Season

"Santa" is blind to the economic recession that America is facing right now - and children still expect the best presents under the tree Christmas morning. What will your kid be hoping that Santa will bring them?

Sing-a-ma-jigs are predicted to be some
of the hottest Christmas gifts this season.
Miniature toys make a comeback

When in doubt, go mini. This year, because of mini-budgets, mini toys will be extremely popular. This category includes little toys that are classified as "collectibles." They are tiny and inexpensive, but also offer different scenes, different looks, and different characters.

Squinkies, Zoobles, and Sing-a-ma-jigs (oh my!) lead the pack this year with unique characters and unique personalities. These are great because when the kids lose the toys, it is inexpensive to replace them.

Bringing Technology Home

This year, toy manufacturers have created extremely high tech toys for kids in the realms of learning and playing. These toys are affordable (roughly $50) and help children get familiar with the age of technology.

The Dance Star Mickey and Barbie Video Girl doll appeal to girls and young children. For boys, the Paper Jamz guitars, the Air Hogs Hawk Eye, and the Cuponk will keep their attention for awhile.

Young children will enjoy the Leapster Explorer Learning Experience because it turns learning into a game - the kids won't know that they're actually learning.

Disney Princess & Me
Famous Familiar Faces

Disney and Pixar have released countless iconic films over the years that make the kids want to be a part of the magic. A lot of action films were also released over the past year prompting a huge toy market in that area as well.

Toy Story 3 figures allow you to play with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, while Ironman 2 figurines allow you to be a part of the superhero saga. For girls, the plush Disney Princess & Me toy will be in demand, as will be the ever popular Bratz dolls.

There's a Catch...

Stores like Wal-mart and Target are looking to lure you in with these low priced toys in hopes that you'll buy other items at their store for exponentially higher prices that usual. When you are looking to buy Christmas gifts this season, make sure to do your research. Don't overpay for other items just because you got a smoking deal on a toy.


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