Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 2010 - Moving into the Future with Experts

A lot of changes, a lot of improvement. We still have many more improvements to go.

At Experts123, we want to create a trusting environment where you can use both your expertise and your writing skills to earn money, either through revenue share or work-for-hire articles. We really appreciate all the hard work of our contributors as we work to expand and improve the beta program.

We are still working on improving the system during the beta phase of the Experts123 Contributor Program, but things are definitely looking a lot better and we're already growing faster than ever. We'd also like to clear up a couple areas where there were questions:

Revenue share assignments now no longer shows CPM "estimates," since writers were confusing those with flat fees. With revenue share, for every 1,000 pageviews you can earn $1 - $2 depending on the number of Likes you have.
Work-for-Hire assignments require very high quality copy. They average between $8 and $20 per article. If you have not been approved to submit a WFH article sample, you will need to demonstrate your writing abilities through revenue share questions and articles (RSQ and RSA assignments).

New Writer Qualifications

We're excited that so many skilled and promising writers have taken the time to apply for and contribute to Experts123. Hopefully everyone who joins the community will take this opportunity to hone your writing and proof-reading skills so that we can offer more opportunities to everyone in the future.

We have many superstar writers who have shown their abilities and are a part of our Elite Writers Program. Our Elite Writers get special update emails when new WFH assignments are added and also qualify for premier special opportunities to write higher paying articles for other projects. This is an invite-only club, but anyone can join who demonstrates a strong knack for writing, proof-reading, and consistent quality writing.

Don't give up if your articles are not accepted. We plan on making free telecommute writer workshops and other tools so that you can improve your writing skills and get rewarded for your contributions.

New Features and Surveys

Keep up with sending feedback--we're taking your suggestions and working to make them happen where it makes sense to do so. We also are sending a survey out to everyone that will give you a chance to provide your opinion.


  1. Please refer to the Assignments FAQ section. for the most up-to-date information on current payment policies.

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