Thursday, May 6, 2010

Announcing the start of the new Expert Columnist Program!

Our Experts community is growing quickly! We have been searching for new, easy ways for experts to share their plethora of personal knowledge and skills, and finally we have created it.

And here it is: the new Expert Columnist Program! Just choose a topic and run with it. For the independent, creative writer with infinite knowledge, this is absolutely perfect because it still maintains the same creative freedoms as the revenue-share-articles, and it is an easy way to promote your best material through a community. Whether you know the best acting schools or are an expert at window cleaning, the Expert Columnist application is a great way to share what you know and to learn from other experts. You can exemplify your style and write endless expert articles in your chosen area.

What makes us so much better than a blog? Your article will be promoted through the Experts123 rapidly-growing community where you will get increasingly more exposure as your popularity grows.

We are very excited about this new program where people can contribute their knowledge and share it with the masses. We appreciate and look forward to any feedback you might have about this new program, and are currently developing a survey to make sure the Expert Columnist program is at its best.

Check out our new program here!

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