Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tweet Tweet, Experts!

If you didn't know it already, Experts123 is on twitter!

Twitter is a social phenomenon that has really taken off in the last few years. Aside from participating in all of the twitter celebrity hype and being in the loop 24/7, you will be able to follow all of our Experts123 tweets which will be featuring our favorite questions, answers, articles and experts. If you catch our attention or are doing extraordinary work, we will tweet you! Not only will this ensure more traffic to your contributions, but also it will give you more exposure. Just go to www.twitter.com/experts123, or search for us. Our username is Experts123.

On another exciting note, keep asking and answering those questions, experts! The Free Apple iPad Giveaway is still in full force, and we encourage you to enter as many times as possible. You only have less than two months left.

Keep checking us out here on our blog, and now on twitter. There might even be some incentives to following and re-tweeting us!


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  4. I am sorry but until now, Experts123 is no longer active on Twitter, and the Free Apple iPad Giveaway mentioned in your contexto message has already ended.