Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Online Coupon Sites

Online shopping is not only convenient, but also a great way to save money. Throughout the holidays, most consumers decided to flex their credit card via Amazon or instead of going and spending their hard-earned cash at department stores.

Whether you are a fan of driving to the mall, or buying that new pair of shoes with the click of the mouse, everyone loves a good discount. Online coupons offer discounted shopping, additional savings for repeat customers, high-end products at lower prices, convenience, and an early bird special on a lot of great buys.

But what are the top online coupon sites? Where should you browse in order to get the deals that you deserve at the stores that you want? We have the top 10 most visited online coupon sites.

 Top 10 Online Coupon Sites by Traffic (updated through 10/10)

Unique Visits
Monthly Visits

Groupon is probably the most well known coupon site. They don't have a very wide selection of coupons, but they are extremely convenient. You can sign up for emails that give you the daily deals based on your location (also convenient because you don't have to sort through coupons). You buy online, and get credit similar to a gift certificate. No fuss, just deals. is a very popular online coupon site that you can
customize by city. provides internet coupons similar to the Sunday paper, but more environmentally friendly and less black smudge all over your fingers after clipping your newspaper. However, the downside is that some retailers still will not accept Internet coupons. You definitely need to double check with the retailer before you shop.

Retail Me Not is a great way to get great deals. Users will say whether or not a discount works for them, making it extremely reliable. This filters out the bad deals and leaves you with the best deals tried by other users like you.

Coupon Cabin updates their deals three times a day and checks often to make sure each coupon works. It filters by the most used coupons and favorite deals to guide consumers to the best coupons on the site. Plus, you can even sign up for weekly email newsletters if you don't mind a crowded inbox.

SmartSource is unique because it notifies you of local store sales and offers printout coupons and online deals to maximize your savings. It's a great selection that you can filter by zip code. Like you want to make sure that the coupon works at the respected retailer.


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