Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staying Healthy as Summer Reaches an End

Summer is reaching an end, but all of the hard work that you've done getting in shape for swimsuit season doesn't need to go to waste. Experts123 has a lot of knowledgeable contributors that can teach you to eat right, exercise with a little bit of time, get the right minerals and supplements in your diet, and find a healthy lifestyle regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Eating Well

Snacking can be one of the biggest busts to a diet. Health expert Lakeyia Thompson offers insightful information about Healthy Snacks. From healthy fruit, to healthy granola bars, Lakeyia helps you learn which foods are healthy for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack that are generally unhealthy. Avoid the donuts at the break room, and avoid the sugary sodas. Stick to these basics.

Getting the Right Nutrients

Experts123 offers many articles that show you the health benefits of different vitamins, minerals and supplements.  Know the health risks and benefits of many common nutrients. Here is a list of recently featured vitamins and minerals:

Health Benefits of Chromium
Health Benefits of Selenium
Health Benefits of Vitamin A
Health Benefits of Vitamin E
Health Benefits of Vitamin K
Health Benefits of Zinc

Unfamiliar with any of these? Read the articles to figure out how they can fit into your health and fitness regimen.

Exercise Even When You Don't Have Time to Go to the Gym

With the busy lifestyles that many of us lead, a lot of gym memberships go untouched, and exercise routines get overlooked. Krystal Williams teaches you How to Exercise Without Visiting the Gym to maintain an active lifestyle. From bodyweight training to buying fitness equipment, Krystal teaches you how to get creative and shed a few extra pounds (or keep them off with the winter hibernation around the corner!).

You also need to learn When Exercise Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful. Over-exerting yourself at the gym or at home can often create new injuries, or even make pre-existing injuries worse. Read Tonya Jones' advice as to how to avoid making exercise counter-productive.

Exercising with Obesity

With more than 34% of Americans living life in obesity, a lot of people see it as an excuse not to work out. Obesity can lead to a lot of other health consequences like cancer, heart disease, and can worsen pre-existing conditions.

Mark Applegate teaches you How to Exercise with Obesity. He suggests that a mix of diet and exercise can help shed unwanted pounds, while also suggesting avoiding fad diets. Easing into an intense exercise routine is the key. Read the article for more information.


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