Thursday, September 22, 2011

Experts123 Quizzes Test Your Knowledge and Help You Make Decisions

Experts123 is proud to introduce the launch of our new quiz feature. These quizzes are specially tailored in order to help you make important decisions, and test your knowledge about various subjects and about yourself. It is a fantastic way to learn while still having fun.

The quizzes are dynamic - interact with other users, share your results, and learn. You will be connected to many new opportunities at Experts123 through these quizzes.

Browse our selection of quizzes below.

Are you as smart as a plumber?: Do you feel like you are a naturally gifted at making home repairs? Have you ever thought about doing at-home plumbing fixes on your own to save some cash? Take this quiz to see just how knowledgeable you are about plumbing. This quiz will help you to decide whether or not you should try to fix your plumbing problems yourself, or to hire a professional.

What kind of car should you get?: If you have problems trying to figure out which type of car you should buy, this quiz will help you decide based on your lifestyle and preferences. Are you small and sporty or are you practical and busy? This quick 10 question quiz will lead you to the perfect car match for you!

How green is your thumb?: Are you thinking about starting a garden? Can't explain why your plants keep dying? Take this quiz to determine just how green your thumb is! Answer simple questions that an avid gardener should know, and gain some insight as to how to make your garden the best it can be.

How well do you know your rights?: What should you do if a police officer approaches your car? When do you not have the right to remain silent? These answers might surprise you. Take this quiz to see how well you know your rights and how to avoid any unwanted conflict with the law.

Test Your Early Childcare Knowledge: How well do you know how to care for a newborn baby? Whether you already have a child or are thinking about it, this quiz will help you prepare for the years ahead.

At What Kind of Restaurant Should I Eat Tonight?: Hungry but confused as to where you should eat for dinner? Bit date tonight? Reuniting with an old friend? Take this quiz to help you figure out what kind of restaurant you should eat at tonight.

Which Sex in the City Character are You Most Like?: Are you a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Samantha, or a Miranda? Each woman from Sex in the City is fabulous in her own way, but extremely unique at the same time. Take this quiz to see which one you are the most like!

What Type of Spa Should You Go To?: Are you looking to get some relaxation and escape the real world for a bit? Take this quiz to see which spa getaway you should take based on your needs, the amount of time you have on your hands, and your idea of relaxation. Find your serenity with this quiz.

What Type of Pet Should You Get?: Are you not sure about what kind of pet you should get? This quiz will not only help you figure out what kind of pet fits best in your lifestyle, but also will help you determine whether or not you are truly ready for a pet.

What Nightlife Scene Best Fits My Style?: Going out tonight? Different venues are better for different moods. Take this quiz for a fool-proof and amazing night on the town.

Which Coffee Shop Beverage Best Suits You?: Want the caffeine kick, but not sure what to get at the coffee shop? Take this quiz to help you decide which drink best suits you based on your personality, temperament, and how you handle your daily tasks.

What Type of Exercise Is Right For You?: Not sure what you should pick up at the gym? Take this quiz to figure out what gym activity best suits you based on your needs and fitness goals.

What Type of Vacation Best Suits You?: Can't figure out where to go on your next vacation? This quiz will help you narrow down which destination is best suited for your interests and what you want to get out of your vacation. Bon voyage!

Finding Your Ideal Company: Are you motivated to find the right type of company for you? Are you determined to find out if you're working in the right type of environment? This quiz will tell you what kind of company ideally fits you based on your goals, dreams, and personality.

Test Your Chef IQ: Are you fit for the kitchen? This quiz will test your Chef IQ to see if know the kitchen basics. Find out how fit you are to work in a kitchen!

How Prepared Are You For An Emergency?: In the event of an emergency do you take charge or follow the direction of others? Take this quiz to see how prepared you really are for an earthquake, a flood, a tsunami, or any other disaster that comes your way! It may be a wake up call for you to educate yourself!

Which Musical Instrument Should You Play?: Do you have a drive to learn a new musical instrument? Take this quiz to see which one is best for you based on your personality and interests.

What Type of Computer Should You Get?: With all of the options out there, it can be pretty confusing as to which computer will best fit your needs. This 10 question quiz will help you find the perfect computer.

The Impossible Diet Quiz: How well do you know about diet and exercise? Take the Impossible Diet Quiz to test your knowledge and see just how much you know about health and nutrition. You may even learn something that you didn't already know!

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