Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Help Us Help You: Tell Us What You Think

We are thrilled to announce that we are figuring out more ways to make content even better on Experts123. You may have noticed under each question a box asking if the page was helpful to you that looks like this:
And when you hover your mouse over the box, it will transform into this:
The Goal

Here at Experts123 we are constantly trying to find more ways for us to make your experience better by enhancing the content and helping you find the information you seek. By offering this completely anonymous voting process, our users can tell us which pages they like (and don't like) with a click of their mouse, and without consequence.

With this automatic feedback process, we can make content better on pages that need more information, and we can help to redirect you content that can better assist you.

Since we can't be in one million places at once, and since we get so much content, it is impossible for us to filter out all of the less useful content without the help of our trusted community. So please, tell us what you think! Send us your votes on pages that you visit. Together we can make it better!


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