Friday, February 25, 2011

Experts123 Presents our New Videos Section

Experts123 has been working on something new and exciting for quite some time. Finally, we can show you our Experts123 Videos Section! Like our articles, these videos are an example of expert how-to's, information, and advice compiled together to connect you with information that suits your needs.

Organized by categories, the information you are looking for is extremely easy to access. Our videos will offer you anything from fitness tips and fashion advice to astrology predictions and extreme sport clips.
On the home video page, you will find our featured videos which highlight popular topics that we have encountered. Right now the featured videos are:

The best part about our instructional videos is that you will be able to see examples of what food you are trying to cook, what sport you are trying to attempt, or what video games you are trying to play for example. Visit our video homepage to take a look around.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Make the Most of Your Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the February holiday that celebrates love and relationships. But how can you make the most of your Valentine's Day? Whether you are single and dreading the holiday, or coupled and looking forward to this romantic occasion, Experts123 has the key tips that you need in order to make the most of your Valentine's Day regardless of your situation.

Valentine's Day Traditions

The history of Valentine's Day originates in Rome around the reign of Claudius II. Claudius the Cruel banned marriage in order to get people to enlist the army. So Saint Valentine performed secret marriage ceremonies in order to preserve love and the sanctity of marriage.

Valentine's Day's traditions have transformed into a chocolates and greeting cards kind of Hallmark holiday, but the true message of Valentine's Day remains the same. We even still tie in Roman traditions. It is still celebrated in February, and the symbol of Valentine's Day is still Cupid.

Cherishing Your Valentine

Above all, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate your significant other. Spoil your loved one with heartfelt Valentines gifts and a special Valentine's Day date. Make sure that everything you do comes from the heart. Showing someone you care for them with a heartfelt gift is more important than drenching them in diamonds or showering them with expensive, showy gifts.

Making Valentine's Day More Tolerable for Singletons

Valentine's Day doesn't need to be painful for all single people. Most of the time singles dread February 14th. However, with a change in perspective, singles can learn to actually appreciate Valentine's Day.

Singles' Awareness Day should be seen as a time to celebrate being single, not being tied down, and enjoying your freedom as a single man or woman taking on the town.

Flirt, have fun, and treat yourself. Instead of letting Valentine's Day get you down, try celebrating the holiday with your friends and the relationships you have there. Celebrating Singles' Awareness Day should be more upbeat and optimistic celebrating the cherished relationships that you have, rather than the significant other you do not have.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Understanding the Uprising in Egypt

The Egyptians are rioting and protesting in the streets against the current government presiding over Egypt. The current leader has been in power for more than 30 years and the citizens do not agree that the current leadership should remain in power.

The protests in Tunisia had a strong influence in the Egyptian protests. The Tunisians were effective at overthrowing the government of Tunisia, which encouraged Egyptians to follow suit. Since the military of Tunisia was underpaid and lacked a strong desire to quell the uprising, it was not an impossible feat to overthrow the Tunisian leadership. The Egyptian government is of a different situation, since the military is not as underpaid and lacking in will to carry out the current government’s authority.

The current Egypt leaders have a good relationship with the leaders of the United States. There is some concern that any new power taking hold in Egypt would be anti-American and present trouble for foreign diplomacy from the United States. In his State of the Union Address, President Obama neglected to specifically mention the Egypt riots, but later addressed them in a Q/A session with YouTube where he reaffirmed the United States’ standing ally relationship with the current Egypt leaders.

Fires and looting have already broken out, but are not completely out of control as with Haiti following the Earthquake. Looters attacked and ransacked the Cairo Museum, which is home to thousands of artifacts of Ancient Egypt, including the mummy of King Tutankhamun, but one of the bigger headlines has been the government killing the internet for Egypt.

The uprising in Egypt is not showing any signs of dying down, especially after the Egyptian government flipped the kill switch in order to prevent communications on social networks, websites, and blogs with details on the protests. More than 80% of the country is without internet, making resources such as ham radios, Morse code, and dial-up internet a necessity to communicate.