Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 2014 - Experts123 Community Update

Major changes happening - Full Details here - http://www.experts123.com/Write/vXbwT6hmp3U

  1. Better community channels and involvement.  All new development going forward is based on community member feedback.  If you need a feature, then let us know and then get involved on voting on the upcoming features.  Monthly updates will be provided.

    ***Also, we are seeking your input for our coop model going forward.  As we grow this community, we are looking to pay out any advertising and membership fees mostly to the community members that contribute the most.  (If you create great expert content, manage topics, and market the site, we all want those actions to be rewarded fairly to the community.)
  2. Monetizing Value.  In order to make a self sustaining community, we are adding paid features and reviewing specialized advertising and transactional services where validated experts can provide paid services to the community.  (See further details to vote on here - http://www.experts123.com/Write/vXbwT6hmp3U)

    We also want to reward you for sharing content and the community with others.
  3. Expertise Measurement - Expertise Points - Expertise Levels.   We already have enabled expertise points.  The community users needed tools to measure their levels of expertise so we came up with Expertise Points and Levels. - Provide further input by commenting on this article - http://www.experts123.com/Write/vXbwT6hmp3U
Major features just launched in August:
  1. Improved Article Writing - http://www.experts123.com/Write - We have worked really hard to make it so easy to publish content in your area of expertise.
  2. Draft Sharing and Commenting.