Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing the New and Improved Experts123 Profile

Here at Experts123, we are constantly looking how to make your user experience better and more enjoyable. We are proud to announce our new and improved Experts123 profile. We wanted to walk you through all of the new features that we have added to facilitate this transition for you.

Existing Users Can Choose When to Switch Over to the New Profile

We give you the control as to when you want to switch over to your new profile. Below the main toolbar you will be given the option to switch. Experts123 will walk you through the steps to easily transition to a new profile.

Importing your Information from Facebook

Experts123 and Facebook make it easy for you to import your information. Upon logging into your new Experts123 Profile, you will be offered a choice to either import your information from Facebook or to manually type in your information yourself.

Importing your information from Facebook makes it incredibly simple. Since you have already filled out your employment history and your education on your Facebook profile, upon logging into Facebook through Experts123, these forms will be automatically filled out on your Experts123 profile saving you time.

Language Proficiency

This is a new feature that we have added to Experts123 that we are really excited about. Now you can choose from our list of languages and declare your level of proficiency. A graph will appear next to your declared languages graphically displaying how fluent you are.
The new Experts123 language bars show your proficiency in the languages you speak.
Areas of Expertise

If you are a new user, you will be asked to fill out your #1, #2, and #3 areas of expertise upon signing up to Experts123. This establishes you on the site as an expert in the subjects that you are knowledgeable about. Sign up to be an expertise columnist to get paid to provide short articles in these areas of expertise.

If you are a returning user, these areas of expertise will be automatically populated with what you have declared as your expertise via your expertise column. Add more areas of expertise to create a complete profile.


Your education is something you should boast about! Add the university you attended easily in the education section of your new Experts123 profile.

When searching for your university type out the full name. For example, "University of California, Los Angeles" is in the system, but "UCLA" is not quite yet. We are working to add these aliases, but for now use the full names.

Can't find your university? It may not be listed in the database. You can add your university with all of the information that you have about it. This makes it easier for future Experts123 users that went to your college to find it in the database.

Your Articles, Questions, and Answers

Easily accessible in the left side under your profile picture are links to your Articles, the Questions you have asked, and the Answers you have provided. In the far right column is a tally of all of your contributions to Experts123 with links to your content. The answers that you rank #1 on will be noted with a #1 icon.

Easy Access, Easy Sharing

It will now be incredibly easy for you to access your Experts123 profile. The new link to your profile will be http://www.experts123.com/FirstName-LastName. The first name and last name will be whatever you register as on Experts123 when you sign up. If you decide to change your name due to errors or other reasons, your profile URL will also change and you will be notified.

If you have any questions, tweet us @Experts123, or email us at customerservice@experts123.com.