Monday, August 23, 2010

Expertise Column or Blog, or BOTH?

A lot of people have blogs out there and write amazing and insightful content. The popular question is: how to I get traffic to my blog while still writing about the things that I care about?

No, you don't have to give in to mainstream society and write about what everyone else is interested in--you just have to write about what you're interested in. The best way is to find a handful of platforms to link back to your blog.

Experts123's Expertise Column is one of those platforms that allows you to publish your content to a large audience of expert contributors. People think that they have to choose between a blog or an Expertise Column, where in reality, having both is beneficial for the budding writer's career.

Even if you are an experienced writer and direct a lot of traffic to your blog on a regular basis, why not make some money off of it? The content that you create can be published on the Experts123 website as RSAs (revenue-share-assignments). You will get money based on how much traffic you receive from any visitor--they don't even have to be registered Experts123 users. (However, if they are users they can add credibility to your article by commenting and 'liking' your content.)

Experts123 even offers an option where you can simultaneously publish the content to your blog and your column. It's very easy--and increases your traffic overall. Promote your blog through your column and your column through your blog!

To apply for an Experts123 Expertise Column, first be a registered user and then visit to choose your topic of expertise.

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