Friday, July 19, 2013

Experts123 Interface Changes and New Voting.

We are happy today to release new functionality to vote on content on the site.  Okay, sure its not completely revolutionary to everyone but its moving us all in the right direction.  We wanted to make the community control pretty much everything throughout the site.  Part of making that happen was allowing have feedback to everyone involved when content is good and when it needs improvement.  So in true democratic fashion we changed the functionality to provide up and down votes for all pieces of content on the site.

So if an article, question, answer is well written and useful then ... Vote it up.
If its poorly written and/or not useful then let everyone know and Vote it down.

Content that is voted up more gets more exposure and content that is voted down gets less exposure.  The community pretty much controls how the knowledge network distributes the content.

***Use the Comments for Suggestions to the Content as well.

You will also notice we changed the engagement functionality to more easily share content with others.  We added easier ways to do social shares with twitter, facebook, and google+.

Let us know what you think!