Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rank our experts with vouches

Among the changes made to the website recently, you may have noticed a new little button to the side of users' names, or under the heading of their articles. This is our new vouch feature.

When you vouch for a user’s expertise, you’re helping people sort through who’s really providing valuable information. You can vouch for friends, family members, or just users that you think are doing a really great job.

You’re not just vouching for a person, you’re vouching for their knowledge in that particular expertise- so don’t worry if your brother claimed a cooking expertise, you can vouch just for the expertise you want to support him in.

You’ll find the vouch feature all over the site, the speech button with the ‘V+’ will vouch, and a user’s vouch count will appear just beneath it.

We think that these new features can help us as we move toward a user-powered site. Allowing readers to decide the quality of the information they are reading, or the credibility of an expert helps us all in finding the best information possible.

You’ll see that where Top Experts are listed in a specific category, they are ranked by the number of vouches they have received and then by the number of likes they have received on their articles. This allows you to find more information on each topic from the best of the best without sorting through the articles blindly.