Friday, August 20, 2010

Solving the Mystery of the Assignments Desk

We've gotten a lot of questions about the Assignment Desk and the difference between the different kinds of assignments available for you to take advantage of. In fact, as of today there are three different kinds of opportunities for you with Experts123.


Our WFH articles represent the highest caliber assignments for the highest caliber of writers. Only writers who exemplify consistently top-notch writing will be allowed to take on WFH assignments.

The perks: WFH assignments are pay-per-article. While they do have to go through a much more intense editorial review and must fit AP style, you get paid $10-20 up front to write the article.

Revenue-Share Articles

Revenue-share articles are ideal for any writer. From a selection of titles, you chose which topics that you want to write about. You get paid by the amount of traffic you get on your article.

The perks: Rights. With WFH articles, you lose all rights to republish. However, RSAs are perfect for the person who wants to maintain the creative rights over the article.

Expertise Column

The Expertise Column is complete free reign for writers. You choose an area of expertise, and after it is approved, you create the titles and you create the content. You also get paid by the amount of traffic your articles receive.

The perks: You choose, you write, and you promote. You have COMPLETE creative freedom.

There you have it. Experts 123 has assignments for every style of writer. If you're still confused, Expertise Columns still fall under revenue-share assignments, but you choose your own titles. Still confused as to what the difference is between WFH and RSA? Here is a little chart so that you can have a quick reference to the guidelines.

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