Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Calling all Halloween Experts

Halloween is a little over a month away. But honestly, we can't wait any longer!

Recently, Experts123 has posted revenue-share-assignments about Halloween! We are looking for experts to write about different types of costumes, different types of candy, and different types of Halloween decorations!

Snatch them up while you still can. Our goal is to make Experts123 the go-to place for people who are looking for information about Halloween costumes.

Feel free to also ask specific questions to the experts community as well. Make sure to tag them with "Halloween" in order to get them all in the same spot (easily accessible for the person who is planning on answering your Halloween questions).

We are super excited for the Halloween season to begin. To check out previously asked Halloween questions, click here. We hope that you take advantage of these fun titles and write as many Halloween assignments as possible! We want to get these complete so that when the Halloween season rolls around, people have access to all the information they want about the spookiest holiday around.


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