Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Want to Join the Experts123 Hall of Fame?

If you've been on the Experts123 homepage recently, you may have noticed this ever changing list of superstar Experts123 contributors. Well, do you want to join the ranks of the Experts123 top contributors?

It's easy, really. The way that these great writers got on this homepage is through writing a lot of articles and answering a lot of questions. For each question you answer, especially those unanswered questions, you are one step closer to your name being on the homepage for the world to see.

Don't want to be on the homepage? Why not? Experts123 is about sharing your work as a writer and an expert. People who contribute often and regularly receive the perks of being on the homepage and receiving all of the traffic! More traffic to your work, means more cash in your pocket!

It doesn't matter what your area of expertise is - we have bartending experts, pet experts, health experts, and even alternative medicine experts that grace our homepage answering your questions and writing interesting articles for the experts community.

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