Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New WFH Assignments!


We have created a ton of new WFH articles, and plan on keeping them coming. Right now there are articles in the categories of cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery, cosmetic enhancement, procedures) and oral care (tooth whitening, cavities, homemade toothpaste)! (We plan on releasing more WFH articles in heating services soon, too.)

A lot of you have been emailing us about how you can bump up your status to be a WFH contributor. Well, if you've written some fantastic revenue-share-assignments, you can be automatically bumped up. If you feel like you're not being noticed, go ahead and shoot us an email at customerservice@experts123.com requesting for your status to be increased.

Lately, we've been starting our contributors off with revenue-share-status and then promoting them to WFH. Just like in any professional environment, if you feel like you're doing a good job and deserve a promotion, feel free to tell us!

Keep writing, experts! Remember, the WFH articles require a much higher caliber of writing and go through a much more rigorous editing process. Bring your A-game!

Click here to log-in to Experts123 and start writing. (Go to your profile and your assignments tab in order to browse available assignments.)

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