Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beat Cabin Fever this Winter by Redecorating Your Home

Winter is around the corner. Thanksgiving is in a few weeks, and then after that the winter holidays and New Years Eve is just around the corner. However, with the cold weather, we will find ourselves indoors more often, which means that we need spaces that we want to be in.

Experts123 offers a lot of fantastic interior design articles that give you insight around re-decorating your home on a budget, in specific themes, or even for specific holidays.

Space-Conscious Designs

Whether you are struggling making a large room look intimate or making a small room look bigger, our interior design experts can give you insight how to decorate your room with the room size in mind. Did you know that in large rooms if you group your furniture together, the room will seem more intimate? In small rooms, if you use lighter colors the room will seem bigger. The tips are endless, and will really help you achieve the effect you are looking for.

Chic Storage

When it comes to storage, it's always about style and affordability. Whether or not you are looking to organize your kitchen, your living room, or your bedroom, we have a lot of great ideas to stash the clutter while still making the room look cohesive. Try adding some storage to your room during the winter for your blankets, shoes, and sweaters, so that they're accessible, yet don't clutter your room. Adding hidden storage is also a great way to give a room a face-lift when you're looking for something refreshing to do during the cold seasons.

Change Your Room's Theme

Is your current home's theme modern and are you looking to make it more homey by incorporating some country aspects? Country-themed homes are easy to achieve, and add a simple, yet comfortable, aesthetic. You can also heat up your room by adding tropical aspects to your home. When it's snowing outside, it's easy to escape into a tropical room and teleport yourself to a warm, sun-drenched island. (Hint: Make the room colors a lot warmer to start!)

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