Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deck the Halls with Energy Efficient Lighting

With our heaters cranking, hot plates heating, crock pots bubbling, ovens warming, and televisions blasting, it's no wonder that America's electric bills are highest around the holidays. We don't even take into account the multiple lights in multiple rooms that we leave on despite the necessity due to the big groups of family and friends we host for our holiday parties.

How much energy do Christmas lights use?

Christmas presents already cause most people to max out their credit card bills, so why waste money on extra electricity when you don't need to? We have some tips to lower your electric bills with energy conscious lighting strategies that won't take away from the effect of your home.

Replace your Indoor Lightbulbs

With so many lights on indoors, you should replace all of your old lightbulbs with LED or CFL energy efficient lightbulbs. Not only do these lightbulbs last longer, but they take up less energy than your standard lightbulb which means a lower electricity bill. (Plus the lighting is more flattering for those family photos.)

Use Energy-Conscious Practices when Decorating the Home

When hanging the lights outside, there are tactics to make sure that you save energy. Use a timer, minimize the quantity of light strings you use, and use energy efficient light strings. Check out our video on energy conscious holiday lighting for more details on how to save money this holiday season.


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