Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Connect with Us Through Social Media

Experts123 is really working hard to create an online community, a network so to say. We're excited to expand our brand to multiple social networking sites to keep you connected and hopefully spread the information that you're looking for. While we love connecting with members of our Experts123 community, we also feel like we have a knack for keeping our finger on the pop culture and news pulse! Find out the multiple ways to connect with us through the different social networking communities:

Start a conversation with us! From our most recent articles, to our favorite findings on the internet, our twitter account is starting a community of it's own. We aren't shy to retweet any gem you may send us. Follow us, tweet us, and we'll share the love with you.

Want to get more out of us than a 140 character tweet? Our tumblr account also shows off our favorite, most well-written articles as well as highlighting some treasures that we find on tumblr. We love to share interesting photos, and to engage with interesting people. If you tumble interesting content, we will definitely follow you and reblog some of your content. Just follow us, send us a message, and we will take a look at your blog!

Pinterest is a new venture for us, but we think that it will be the perfect platform to share with you recipes, reviews, and even how-to's. Not everything will be from the Experts123 website, but we definitely will add a lot of the content that has great graphics and photos.

Google +
Google + is the newest addition to our social media platforms. To start, we are utilizing Google + as a way to spread information in a more interactive way. We will add photos and fun facts that we find online, as well as highlighting important news events from the Google + community. We're excited to start diving in to Google + since it arguably is the least explored large scale social media platform.