Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nominations on experts123

Introducing the newest feature of the experts123 site, nominations.

In our efforts to recruit the best experts to the site, and create opportunities for the best social experience, we have launched a nomination feature. This feature doesn’t just allow you to invite other people to the site, it allows you to invite users to be experts in specific topics.

You can nominate experts by just entering their name, email address, and topic of expertise. They will then receive an email from us with an invitation to join the site, who nominated them, and what they have been nominated for. You can also nominate current users to add to their topics of expertise. You’ll find more details about this feature on the nominate page of the site, and you’ll find forms for this option on question pages as well.

Why is this important? Because part of our mission is to bring you the best information possible and we can’t do this alone. As we work to improve the site, we need the help of users like you to bring even better and more qualified experts to the site. We know it can be hard to find the information you need, and why should you trust it to whatever you find on a search engine? So your participation can help us help you put together the best information possible on just about anything.

We will be continuing to add to, and improve the site in the next few months, and are looking for your feedback. Do you have a question? Did you notice something a little funny about one of the new features? Let us know! You can email us anytime at customerservice@experts123.com, or tweet at us, at @experts123, or even drop us a line on Facebook. We promise you’ll hear back from us, and most likely also make a new friend.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!


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