Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Experts123 - Happy June 2013 Update

This has been a really crazy year so far for us at Experts123.  We had a lot of initiatives planned and now we are making some traction and pushing out new features that will help you manage knowledge better.  We now have released the functionality to favorite content on the site so that it shows up in your profile.  Now you can go to your profile and always come back to your favorite articles and questions.

For me personally at the end of 2012 my Grandmother passed away.  She was the last of my grandparents and she lived a wonderfully full life.  Still it was hard to let her go.  What I've found in life though and I'm still learning is that in order to move ahead and grow oftentimes you have to let things go.

What does all this have to do with Experts123.  Well, Experts123 is a life journey and a passion for all of us really involved with it.  Its about creating a collaborative knowledge community that makes the world better.  Its about empowering people with knowledge sharing tools and making it easier to just get things done.

We realized that we needed to give things up that were not working for users and the site.  That's why today we updated the interface and removed features like Polls and the Experts Search.

The reality is we rushed these features out to meet different needs and they were not operating effectively and providing real value.  You will see a new Experts and Expertise Search coming soon.  

At Experts123 we believe that "helping others helps change the world for the better" Let us know how we can improve.

Frank and the Experts123 Team.


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