Friday, August 6, 2010

How Experts123 Helped Me: Teenage Tattoo

We got another thank you from one of our experts. A woman was in the middle of dealing with a difficult 14 year old son who wanted a tattoo of his favorite band across his wrist. She looked on Experts123 for tattoo alternatives, and here's what she wrote:

"Dear Experts123,

I can't thank you enough for saving me the agony of a 14 year old son with a tattoo. He has been bugging me to get a tattoo of his favorite band on his wrist for a long time now, and I didn't know what to do. On top of the wrist being one of the most visible places for a tattoo (as in he won't be able to hide it from future employers), I feared having it was something that he might regret later on in life.

I am very active on Experts123, and I decided to take some time and search some information about tattoos on the site. I searched tattoo dangers and immediately got results. Not only did this search outline the dangers of getting a tattoo in a parlor, but also the potentially fatal risks of at-home tattoos (with a Bic pen? I had never heard of that).

In a mini-panic attack, I decided to look up tattoo alternatives and immediately found henna as one of the top alternatives to permanent tattoos. I found that henna was not dangerous, and washes off in a few days. I thought to myself that this was genius because my son could re-tattoo himself with every fad he encounters without the life-long commitment of a permanent tattoo.

Thank you Experts123 for helping me (and my family) get through this. I knew I could count on you to give me the right information from people who know a lot about this stuff."

For more information on tattoos and henna go to and check it out.

We're always happy to help. If Experts123 has helped you, write to us at and we'll share your story!

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