Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Make the Perfect Title

Happy Friday the 13th, experts! Here's a little present for you.

Create the perfect title for your article
to increase SEO and drive traffic.
Keeping in the spirit of increasing traffic and revenue, we decided to let you in on our little secret to making the perfect title for your articles in your Expertise Column.

It's quite simple, really. You need to remember to be specific, be truthful, and be engaging.

A title can be the reason why your article is getting its traffic. Since you already know how to increase your articles SEO, keep in mind that that is only half of the battle. You want to 1) increase SEO and 2) increase traffic. Both of those are very helpful to your pocketbook.

Be specific.
Your title should be something that summarizes your article precisely in 4-6 words. Titles that are too short aren't specific enough, and titles that are too long are too confusing. Use those keywords you came up with when you were exploring how to increase your SEO! Don't take your reader in circles with your title--tell them exactly what you are going to tell them about in your article with your title.

Be truthful.
The worst thing is to click on an article that you think is about one thing, and have it be completely unrelated. That reduces your credibility and makes the reader frustrated. Since having a loyal following of readers is relatively key to consistent traffic, you definitely do not want to break your potential relationship.

Be engaging.
If you don't already have a large following, an interesting title can be the reason why someone clicks on and reads your article. You want to make sure that it is engaging! For example, when you are considering different links when performing a search, you always click on the one which is most interesting. However, keeping in mind being specific and being truthful, you don't want to offer something that you aren't going to give in the article.

Make sure to find the perfect balance between the three. This way your title will attract readers, you will gain a loyal following, and you will make more money!

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