Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unanswered Questions

Hey there, Experts! We've noticed that some of you have asked questions that haven't gotten answered...

Well, fear not! We are currently trying to find a way to get your questions answered.

But we need your help--if you see a question that needs to be answered and you know the answer, feel free to share your insight! We have tried to facilitate the process with the "Following" tab in your profile.

From the "Following" tab, you can filter out unanswered questions to answer in the topics you follow. Plus, even though the iPad promotion comes to a close today, we are looking to roll-out new ideas for promotions. You will be able to enter the same way you could with the iPad promotion: by registering and answering questions!

Keep entering to win an iPad--you have until midnight Pacific time TONIGHT!

1 comment:

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