Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which Blogging Platform Should I Use?

Tumblr vs. WordPress vs. Blogger

When deciding to start a blog, choosing which platform to use can be confusing and overwhelming. The three most popular free blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. All three are extremely useful, but extremely different. This simple quiz will help you decide which one of these platforms is perfect for you based on what results you ideally want to achieve.

Choose the answer that best represents how you feel about blogging and the goals you wish to attain. Keep track of the points of your answers to figure out which platform is best for you!

What kind of online community are you looking for?
  • I want infinite opportunities to build a community. (3 points)
  • I want to have access to a medium sized community - not too large and not too small. (5 points)
  • I want to build a community based on the people who use the same platform as I do - it's safer and more centralized. (1 point)
What is the purpose of your blog?
  • To present my entries in a simple blog format. (5 points)
  • To share my videos, pictures and short excerpts quickly and easily. (1 point)
  • To make my blog look like a Website! I want to make it as unique as I am and to have the tools to do so. (3 points)
How do you feel about people commenting on your blog?
  • I like to hear feedback about my articles. (5 points)
  • Comments are extremely important to have on my blog - I want people to be able to comment, like, and share my content. (3 points)
  • I don't really care what people have to say about my blog. Isn't it my blog anyway? (1 point)
What kind of templates and themes are you looking for?
  • I want simple templates that are great looking - but I'm not looking to modify them. (1 point)
  • I want easily customizable themes that look fantastic. (3 points)
  • Themes aren't my highest priority - I want people to read my blog for the content, not the color scheme. Simple themes are perfect for me. (5 points)
Are you looking to monetize your blog by ranking on search engines?
  • Ranking and promoting my blog is secondary to writing and appearance. (3 points)
  • My blog is for self-expression and expanding my online presence - not for making money. (5 points)
  • Showing up in search results and getting traffic to my blog is extremely important to me. (1 point)
How important is it to you to have your blog accessible through mobile devices?
  • A mobile format is not very important to me. (5 points)
  • It is very important for my blog to have a functional, attractive mobile format because I'm always on the go. (1 point)
  • A mobile format for my blog would be nice, but not top priority. (3 points)
Do you want your blog to have a user profile?
  • All I need is an "About Me" page. (1 point)
  • I want all of my blogs that are on the same platform to be linked to each other through a personal user profile accessible to anyone who views my blog. (5 points)
  • I'd like a common area where I can organize all of my blogs on one platform, but not accessible to the viewer. (3 points)
What is your ideal mode of tracking the statistics of your blog?
  • I want a basic built-in application. (5 points)
  • I want an integrated stats system that is easy to understand but provides me with a lot of information. (3 points)
  • I can use an application outside of my blog - I like Google Analytics and similar products better anyway. (1 point)
Do you prefer to have tags to categorize your blog?
  • I don't need to categorize my blog entries. (1 point)
  • I want to be able to tag and categorize my blog entries for easy organization and archiving! (4 points)
How would you describe yourself?
  • Trendy, Young at Heart (1 point)
  • Professional, Logical and Business-Minded (5 points)
  • Artistic, Creative (3 points)
Which age demographic do you identify with the most (not dependent on your actual age)?
  • 18-27 years old (1 point)
  • 28-35 years old (3 points)
  • 35 + years old (5 points)
Which blog is right for you?

tumblr (10-23 points)
If you scored between 10 and 23 points, the blog that is perfect for you is tumblr. This blog is easy to use with simple designs and little fuss - they don't call it "the easiest way to blog" for nothing! It is a great way to share your experiences and interests without being too wordy. Young, trendy celebrities enjoy using tumblr as a way of sharing their personal style with the world. Enjoy tumblr - it is perfect for you!
WordPress (23-37 points)
WordPress is a blog for people looking to share their artistic side. With a Website feel, WordPress allows for customizable templates that are perfect for any level of web user from newbie to developer. WordPress allows for the creative person to express who they are, and track who likes it. WordPress has a great statistics tracking device and gives anyone on the Internet an opportunity to see what you write.
Blogger (37-50 points)
You are a professional looking to share your expertise or start a company blog. Blogger is perfect for the straight-forward professional who wants to share information without distraction from a crazy template or embedded media. Blogger is also easy to use - a great tool for beginners. On the other hand, the HTML-savvy are able to customize Blogger to make it the perfect fit for their professional tone.


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