Thursday, July 21, 2011

Create and Share Polls on Experts123

Experts123 is proud to introduce our new polls feature where you can create and share polls! Now Experts123 users are able to browse through our selection of polls as well as create their own to share with their friends.

Share your opinion!

Experts123 already has a large collection of polls available for you to try out. Tell us who is your favorite sports villain? or which type of wine do prefer? Not only can you share your opinion, but you can see how others weigh in as well.

All of our polls are tailored to the Experts123 community. We are interested in seeing what interests you, what makes you tick, and what your opinion is on certain issues. Select from one of the categories to get started!

See Where Your Friends Weigh in on the Issues that Interest You

Not only can you take polls that Experts123 provides, but also you are able to create your own polls to see other people's opinions on the issues that interest you the most!
  1. Visit My Polls
  2. Create your question. What interests you? Create a short, clear question where people can weigh in on their own opinions.
  3. Add at least two answer options. Use the arrows on the left to change the order. You can allow users to select multiple answers, vote more than once, or keep your poll private to only people with whom you share the link.
  4. If your poll is time sensitive, you can add a start date and an end date. This is optional, but a great option for polls that are about current events and other time relative issues.
  5. Tag your poll. If you want your poll to be easily searchable to the Experts123 community, add one of the tags from the polls homepage. New polls will be added to the top of the queue and searchable through the same Experts123 tags.
Share these polls you create with your friends, on your website, and in your blogs. It is a great way to see other people's opinions as well as weigh in on your own opinions.
    We hope that you enjoy this new feature! It's just another way that the Experts123 can come together to share ideas, information, and opinions.

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