Friday, July 8, 2011

Have a Personal Question? Submit it Anonymously!

Experts123 now allows people to submit their questions anonymously. You now do not need to log in to submit your questions! If you have a personal question that you would like to ask without it being linked back to your profile, simply submit the question anonymously before you log in.

The Process of Getting Your Anonymous Question Approved

While you are able to submit a question anonymously, these questions will now go through an approvals process. This means that your anonymous question may not be published live to the Experts123 website.

To ensure that your anonymous question gets published, follow these simple steps.

  1. Use proper spelling and grammar.
  2. Capitalize the appropriate words.
  3. Ask an appropriate question, general enough that it will benefit the community as a whole. (See How to Ask a Question.)
The best way to ensure that your question will be published to Experts123 is to just log in and submit it through your account. Soon we will have a feature where you can ask your personal question to a selected expert for individual support.

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