Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Guide to the Best Fall 2011 TV Shows

Every fall the primetime networks premiere shows that they hope will engage you and make you loyal fans. From reality television, to hilarious sitcoms, to gut wrenching dramas, viewers like you are the people that keep these stations, actors, and the people behind the scenes in business.

Watch or Skip: Your Guide to the Best Fall 2011 TV Shows

So which shows should you catch? Our pop culture expert outlines each of the shows she finds to be worth watching, and spares you the time you spend on shows that you should have just skipped. Each day, new shows and new versions of old shows premiere. Experts123 helps you find a way to best spend your time on shows that are worth it.

7 Movie Stars You Must See on TV This Fall

We always love to see someone that wows us on the silver screen doing great things on the small screen. This year is the year of the movie star turned television star. Will they live up to their big screen expectations or surpass them?

Fall TV Faceoff

Having a difficult time deciding which show to watch? Do some of these shows seem too similar? Our video helps you discern the difference between similar TV shows, and pick the winner.

10 New TV Shows We Can't Wait to Watch This Fall

Another one of our correspondents lists the top 10 new TV shows that we can't wait to watch this fall. Check this one out to see which ones you should watch!

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