Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drive Traffic and Make Money: The Secret is Internal Linking

Stop wasting time with low quality inbound links and cheap directories with millions of useless links that may or may not drive traffic. There are more quality ways to drive traffic, increase your pagerank value and make more cash.

Online content writers, including the revenue-share contributors on Experts123, look for ways to gain an edge over their competitors--to get people to click on their articles over the other related ones showing up in the Google searches. Writing the article is not enough unless you have a prominent fan base. Online writing now consists of two parts: writing the article and promoting it.

Maintaining an edge over the competitors can be done through increasing SEO and creating quality internal links between your articles (whether they are on the same site or different ones). This can not only be applied to your Experts123 articles, but also to any online articles in general.

To see how to easily increase your SEO, check out our other blog entry "Increase Your SEO Rankings."

Being an internet superstar does not happen overnight. You have to work hard and build quality links, but in the end it is worth it because your traffic will be more consistent and of a higher quality.

1. Stop Using Low Quality External Links As the Only Source to Drive Traffic

It may seem logical to plant links to your content anywhere that you see relevant information. However, these links are not always "do follow" links (counting as legitimate backlinks which increase your SEO ranking) and they are not all going to be quality links. Scattering your links wherever you see relevant also makes it seem like you are spam. Some sites, which have an approval process for outside comments and links, may recognize your efforts as spam regardless of how relevant your content may be.

Attempting to link externally should not be entirely overlooked, but it should not be the only source of traffic. For example, if you have your own blog and an expertise column on Experts123, feel free to post links to your Experts123 articles on your blog, and post the link to your blog on your Experts123 profile.

2. Use Relevant Keywords to Make a Good Title and Increase SEO

For a great example on how to construct a good title, read "How to Make the Perfect Title."

3. Quality Content Helps Linking Internally

If someone reads one of your articles and likes it, chances are they will want to read more of your articles. When promoting your work, don't expect to promote your main page and have the traffic trickle down to the lesser pages. You do not want to waste time promoting questionable links, nor do you want to waste time promoting on irrelevant sites. If someone is searching for chocolate chip cookie recipes, they are more likely to click on your article about the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever eaten rather than your blog's home page. Focusing traffic makes it of a higher quality.

The key is top spend a lot of time making your content of quality and linking your separate articles to each other. If you are in fact creating fantastic content, you can point traffic to relevant pages with keywords.

Make yourself the expert: you want your content to reflect that you are the go-to person for this information. It is more important to rank higher with fewer links, than rank low with a lot of links.

Link your content from within through relevant keywords and synonyms. If you link to all synonyms in your articles with other articles on the same website (or similar ones that you publish your content on), you will show a lot more relevance more quickly.


What is important is to focus on quality over quantity. You want to promote your most important links to your content. No more do you have to post your content on related sites and hope that it will be published or hope that people will click on it. If you provide the links within your content to your other related content you will be able to get more traffic and make more money. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, blog about it--get those links out there through related sources. Once you get the traffic to your one relevant page, the traffic will branch out to other related pages and traffic will trickle up as opposed to trickling down.


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